Tied race leads to ASB Vice-Presidential debate


Maryuri Ramirez

Chronicle Reporter

A debate between the two ASB vice-presidential candidates, sophomore Ashley Jung and junior Giovanni Maya, took place on Zoom during lunch on Wednesday. The debate was to break the tie between the two SAS candidates.

The meeting began with the candidates introducing themselves to the audience. Current ASB President, Francine Olpoc, was the moderater. 

“Coming into leadership, I really wanted to have a bigger role, a bigger impact in the student body,” said Giovanni. “I have never been really able to branch out of my shell, so I feel leadership will allow me to do that”. 

Giovanni went on to say that he is a very hard-working individual and is very committed. He wants to see everyone in school happy and successful.

Ashley began by discussing the influence her election as chair of service and wellness had on her. “I was able to be that person where everyone had their own unique qualities to make sure we reached the end goal, and if they needed help, I was that person they came to”, said Ashley. “I loved that role, that experience, and I want to bring that up to the student body too.”

Ashley has a couple of leadership roles, such as being the vice president of Asian Student Union and having organization skills regarding events and responsibilities. Having the experience and skills is what makes her qualified.

If elected as ASB Vice President, both candidates have plans for the upcoming school year. 

“I want to implement a way where all of the students can have access to school events, specifically I want to touch into our advisories,” said Ashley. “Leadership can take over that, the responsibilities, just maybe half the time or a little bit where we explain the events that we have and give you guys updates, student to student, so we have that connection as a student body.”

Tackling advisory is not part of Giovanni’s plan because it is a very good place for students to express themselves.

 “Our way to approach the topic about student morals would be to incorporate more social media,”  said Giovanni. “TikTok, I feel would be a great idea to bring in Hollywood High school”. 

The candidates then had the opportunity to address their greatest strengths and weaknesses. 

“Two of my greatest strengths are my persistence and resilience,” said Giovanni. 

“My greatest skill definitely is listening and acting on that,” said Ashley. 

After a great debate the second voting poll can be found on Schoology. The last day to cast votes is today by 5 p.m.

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