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Anthony Jasso

Chronicle Reporter

Since the start of the 2020-2021 school year, LAUSD has implemented a new class to the pre-existing six period schedule. You may know it as Homeroom Advisory. It’s a new class that was added only after the pandemic and the first school year to start in a virtual learning environment. 

After a semester and two months into the school year, it should be noted that not every Hollywood High School student feels the same about the necessity for such a class.

For some, the class serves as a chance to get schoolwork done or get some assistance from their advisory teacher.

“It’s a good amount of time to relax our minds and take a breather from school,” says Nathan Alfaro, PAM senior. 

However not all students are looking forward to showing up to their advisory. 

“Rather than genuinely talk to each other, we do unnecessary assignments which don’t really do anything for us,” explained Gabriel Enriquiez, NMA senior. 

Not all the teachers are the same, so it’s clear that experiences will differ, but do students enjoy advisory? 

In the case of TCA senior, Diego Ortiz, he would just so happen to say yes. 

“Not only are some of my friends in that class but because my teacher is also really helpful,” he said. For Diego, it’s the people that make his advisory worthwhile. 

Whereas on the other hand Gabriel Enriquez dislikes the class because he feels as though the work given only adds onto his already stressful workload.

Seeing as how the Advisory period is still relatively new, it’s not too far off to assume that changes could be made for the future. The only minor change that Gabriel Enriquez desires is to get rid of the assignments given during the class. 

Nathan suggests that the number of days advisory meets should be changed. He says that the time can be used as a study hall to work on assignments.. In that regard,  meeting between 2-3 days is most ideal.

Diego Ortiz is a student who sees no reason to make any changes to advisory and is satisfied just the way it is. 

All in all, not every student views the class in the same light. For some there are more advantages to the class than others. There are those who feel that changes to advisory would improve the student’s relationship with the class. At the end of the day, Homeroom Advisory is still around and the future is unknown for where it may lead.

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