Spring Sports Week kicks off


Christian Roque

Chronicle Reporter

Spring Sports Week, a new event organized by ASB Leadership, began Monday March 22. 

The main premise of the event involves recognizing the feats and upbringings of some of the most prominent athletes across a variety of different sports through a series of videos put together by the Leadership team. The event will span three days, ending on March 25.

The first set of videos released on Schoology for the occasion were Spirit Squad-themed, with brief biographies of famous athletes in marching band, dance guard, and cheerleading. Some of the athletes featured in the video included Mikhail Baryshnikov, a Russian-American classical dancer and former artistic director of the American Ballet Theater, and Gabi Butler, an American All-Star cheerleading athlete.

Francine Olpoc, PAM senior and ASB President, explained that the idea for the event arose from wanting to celebrate Hollywood High’s sports and cheer teams before the seasons are set to begin. “Like a mini pre-season Pep Rally if you will,” she said. 

In a brief conversation with Tiyrah Miller, the SAS junior organizing the event, she stated that by hosting this event, Leadership is setting out to inspire students to join sports by demonstrating that anyone from any background can compete. 

In her opinion, she believes that the event will not only encourage students to consider participating in a sport, but it’ll also boost their morale as they continue to reel from the events of last year and deal with the new challenges brought on by this one. 

Miller also sees a bright future in store for the event, believing that it’ll become an annual event. “[Spring Sports Week] has so many other possibilities”, she said. “I could think of 100 more ways to do this event, especially if we were in person.”

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