Sit up straight in uncomfortable chairs, we’re going back to school


Mary Pogosian

Chronicle Reporter

It feels as if us students and teachers have been participating in distance learning forever when in reality it’s only been a year. Even though we miss how things used to be in a traditional classroom, we have adjusted to virtual learning so much that it may be hard to adjust back to traditional learning when we return in April. 

Something surprising now is that most of us used to wake up before the sun came up at 6 a.m. to make ourselves presentable for a day at school in person. The majority of students are now waking up just minutes before their Zoom meeting. We are getting 3 more hours of sleep than we used to. When we get back to school, it might take us time to get used to waking up three hours early. 

“Well it is going to take me time knowing that I will have to start waking up earlier because I have to take the school bus to get to school,” said Genesis Saldana, PAM sophomore. 

We are so used to learning from the comfort of our homes that it might feel weird to get back in the classroom setting. Now, while us students are paying attention to the lesson given by our teachers, we are in our cozy beds under our warm blankets while cuddling our soft pillows. It seems strange how we used to sit up straight on metal chairs for an hour in each class. We will have to give up our comfort when we get back to our traditional classroom. 

Chemistry teacher at Hollywood High, Larissa Bubb said, “Students can come off mute, make videos of themselves, interact with their peers in breakout rooms, and post discussions. Although I am excited to have students be able to talk in person about classwork, we will all need to get used to having limited options to communicate with each other.” 

We will be in our traditional classrooms from April to June 11. Because we spent a full year in a completely different environment, I don’t believe this is enough time for teachers and students to adjust in a few months. A few months in school is a short amount of time compared to a whole year we spent learning online. Even after moving up a grade level, it can take up to three months for many students to adjust to a new school year. As a result, adjusting from online to traditional schooling could take a semester. 

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