Selma Avenue Elementary School saying goodbye


Zucely Chavez

Chronicle Reporter

Closing its doors after 118 years in service Selma Avenue Elementary School finally says goodbye. As student enrollment continued to go down, the school board decided that the school had to be shut down at the end of the school year.

Local West Superintendent, Dr. Adaina Brown sent out a letter to parents whose children attend the school to notify them of the heartbreaking news. “ There has been a significant declining enrollment over the past several years, which impacts the school’s budget and the ability of the school.”  

As news began to spread throughout social media posts many Selma alumni were shocked by the news. A reporter for Fox 11 News and Good Day L.A, former Selma Avenue Elementary School student, Gigi Graciette shared her reaction on Twitter.  “ So many memories made there – the kind that formed a little girl into the adult she is now.”   

Alongside famous alumni, former Selma Ave Elementary school student, Hollywood High SAS senior Jordys Rios shared his reaction describing it as “unbelievable” and “shocking.”  “I didn’t believe it was true – until one of my cousins told me they received the letter,” Rios said. “I was very sad to hear that since I have a lot of memories there.”

As many know Selma Elementary was a school that worked alongside Hollywood High to allow Hollywood TCA students the opportunity to work with grade school students as a tutor for these kids. However, now that the school is closing what will Hollywood TCA students do now? How do those who took part in working with these kids feel knowing that future TCA students won’t have the same opportunities? 

TCA senior, Amy Sandoval who tutored two first grade girls said, “ We are going through rough times. I feel bad that other classmen won’t be able to experience tutoring a kid.” 

TCA senior Michelle Carrera who not only experienced tutoring a kid but was a former Selma student as well shares her thoughts on the school’s upcoming closure. “ Selma closing has really impacted me especially because most of the life I know took place there..”. Not only did Carrera attend Selma but so did her siblings two of which still attend there now. “ It is my childhood.”

Selma Avenue Elementary school has created a big impact on not only those who attended the school but those who had hands-on experiences. It allowed students to build patience and teaching skills. Not only that but it allowed them to look back at their younger years and feel the joy that Selma Avenue brought for them. The only question is what will TCA do now to allow students to experience the heartwarming feeling tutoring younger students brought to others. 

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  1. My favorite teacher at Selma was Mrs. Stem, left for Bancroft Jr. Hi. in 1955; can’t imagine there are many families with small children in the area today, the area has changed so much. We war babies had a graduating class of six at Selma Avenue School. Wonderful memories!

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