Senioritis affecting us during a pandemic


Jhevanise E. Aguilar- Horner

Chronicle Reporter

Have you been lacking the ability to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning, complete school work, or pay attention in class? 

Senioritis is a “crippling disease” in the United States and Canada that is afflicted on seniors in their final year of high school or college. The symptoms include a decline in motivation and/or performance, repeated absences, and laziness among others.

“I think I haven’t fully experienced senioritis yet but I find myself procrastinating on some assignments. It’s hard to motivate myself sometimes because I get distracted a lot at home. At the same time I think COVID has made it somewhat easier for me because I have more time to complete assignments.” said Ingrid Avancena, SAS senior

Senioritis is a normal ride of passage everyone experiences at some point in their highschool career, but it is important to have control. Replacing study time with Netflix, and homework with sleep is acceptable, occasionally, but it can affect your future if time isn’t well managed. 

The crippling effects of the disease can cause your GPA to suffer and your dreams to crumble. Even after being accepted into your dream school, if your grade drops a letter or two you can be at risk of being declined. All that hard work, drown the drain.

“I’m still doing schoolwork and I’m still participating in extracurriculars, but I’m still very tired. I’m about ready to be done. Certainly. I think I’d be a bit more done with everything if I had the full school experience, but I’m not sure how I feel about it.” said Emily Hellstrom, SAS senior. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it worse for many seniors who are battling senioritis. Without the in-school experience to motivate them out of the so-called disease many have to struggle to create ways to deal with it. 

“Yes, I am experiencing senioritis. It’s kind of been a mixture of feeling hopeless with the pandemic and the lack of motivation to do school work. It’s been difficult to find the balance, especially at home, having to find the place in my soul to care enough to do the work. And “learning” through the screens, doesn’t help me at all. If anything, I’ve felt less engaged and focused in my classes.” said Leslie Rodriguez, SAS senior.

Everyone experiences senioritis differently, but at the end we will persevere together. High School is a closing chapter, leading us into the rest of our lives. Don’t give up now when you are so close to the finish line.  

Three ways to overcome senioritis:

  1. Fear of failure or/and rejection can motivate you to continue pushing through 
  2. Remember the finish line you’ve worked so hard for 
  3. Be inspired by the future that awaits you

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