Pandemic sees a rise in teen businesses


Christian Guevara

Chronicle Reporter

A new wave of teen entrepreneurs has risen due to the problem the pandemic created, where teenagers have trouble making money due to retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses closing.

Even as COVID-19 measures become stricter, teenagers are determined to make their money. As we approach a year with the pandemic, many teens have developed new hobbies and opened businesses of their own.  Largely influenced by the  social media app Tik Tok, many are seeing as  creators begin to produce and sell items of their own. Now businesses ranging from cosmetology to retail have flourished. The trend has spread across the country and now Hollywood High is the school to some young businesswomen and men.

Two Sheiks, Lannie Garcia, a SAS junior and Cierra Maultsby, PAM senior explained how the pandemic boosted them to make their money. 

Lannie is an eyelash technician who works from home, her business is called “Lashes by Lannie”. You can find her on Instagram @lashedbylannie. 

Cierra’s vegan and cruelty-free virtual store is called “Fabulips N Lash Beauty”. It consists of an array of lashes along with a plethora of lip glosses. You can find her Instagram @fabulips_n_lash_beauty. 

How did you settle on what you wanted to base your business on? 

 “Well I mostly based my business off of what I love and what I thought everyone would love and buy,” said Cierra Maultsby.

If your business is physical, are you making sure both you and your customers maintain cleanliness? 

“Being safe & clean is highly important, now more than ever! With my business, I was required to take two different certification tests for COVID-19 & salon cleanliness. I do everything in my power to be clean throughout the process of lashing,” said Lannie Garcia. 

Since most businesses shut down during the pandemic, did this boost customer and sales? 

“Although the COVID-19 closures were a huge impact at first, as time went by it did boost my sales & customers,” said Lannie Garcia. “I noticed that the majority of my clients find themselves looking for a decent eyelash tech who is home-based a lot of the time because now with more research is it proven that nail salons are NOT a safe place to get their eyelashes done”

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