Local poet makes history


Danny Mejia

Chronicle Reporter

Amanda Gorman, a Los Angeles local, became the youngest inaugural poet this year.  

 Gorman was born in Los Angeles in 1988 and graduated from Harvard in 2020. She has faced obstacles such as a speech impediment that makes her struggle producing the ‘r’ sound. Despite this, she took on the task that would be broadcasted to the entire nation live.                                            

Gorman’s poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ was considered a ray of optimism considering recent events . Her most notable quote during the speech was “quiet is not always peace.”

“She conveyed a message Biden didn’t have to, she pointed out the past, some of the bad four years and beyond,” said teacher Rashad Briggs. “Hopefully this new attitude will happen throughout America, no matter the affiliation of a political party. This new face may hopefully inspire America not just politically: you have a black woman with speech impediment presenting to the world, so no matter your age, sex, gender, or culture, the path is yours.” 

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