Jabez Byrd: Making Moves


Ashley Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

PAM Senior, Jabez Byrd is quite the character. A goofball who loves to joke around with a laid-back style and personality to match it, he seems to be your average teenager. But Jabez Byrd is on the rise. Having released two tracks with an EP on the way, Byrd is focused on making his dreams of a music career a reality.

Byrd has always had a love for music, and that love probably stems from his mother. His mother is quite the character herself, having gone on tour with a bunch of different artists, working with Oaktown 357, Barry White, and many more. She made sure music was a big part of his life. “Without her love of music, I don’t think I would have even picked up a mic.”

It’s safe to say that his family played a huge role in his passion for music and rap. He owes it all to his mom as she is the main reason he started starting music. Having always had the house filled with old-school songs playing, he soon found love for the artistry behind different kinds of music. Byrd also recalls the day his brother took him to see this rap battle that he was in. 

“When I saw my brother on stage, rapping, I thought it was the greatest thing ever, “ Byrds says. He immediately wanted to be a rapper after that day.

Byrd says aiming for the level in which he can sit back and enjoy the creativity he puts out into this world. In 10 years he can picture himself touring around the world, making people happy with his music. For now, though, he’s focusing on his last year of high school, but once he graduates, that focus will shift more intensely on growing his platform. He also has some ideas for music videos this summer, so keep an eye out.

As of now, Byrd has been managing his music career by himself. And while he can’t say much as nothing has been confirmed he has found people who are just as interested in him and his music. 

You can check out his music on Soundcloud at MoveMakinBezzy. His two newest tracks SNAPPED and APPLECIDER by King J can be found on all streaming platforms. 

“You can expect great things from me, that’s a guarantee. Remember the name, King J.”

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