College Center helps seniors


Maryuri Ramirez Murillo

Chronicle Reporter

It is the second semester of the 2021 school year and with most college applications already closed, the College Center is focusing on helping seniors fill out FAFSA and Dream Act applications. 

Whether a student qualifies for  FAFSA or Dream Act, Alyssa Pinedo, Hollywood High’s college counselor, recommends seniors to begin filling out either application because it ensures them whether or not they qualify for state or national financial aid, or both. Both applications are due on March 2. 

Pinedo had two financial aid workshops this past January, but will continue throughout the month of February as well, with five financial aid workshops planned. These will take place during advisory or after school. If during  advisory, all advisory teachers are responsible for  providing the zoom link for the financial aid workshops. A calendar has also been posted in Schoology for the month of February with the information necessary for students to know the time and day in which each financial aid workshop will take place. 

After submitting the FAFSA or Dream Act application, seniors must fill out a form called “Class of 2021 Financial Aid 2021,” which has been sent to every senior by Pinedo through the Schoology messages. This informs the college counselor about students who have or have not completed the FAFSA or Dream Act application.

Scholarship applications are also being posted regularly on Schoology with links where students can see the requirements of eligibility and information about the organization that is offering the scholarships. 

There is good news for seniors who applied to colleges in the Common Application, Pinedo has sent off mid-year transcripts and signed off on fee waivers. Those who are still applying to colleges through the Common Application, must email her when you have submitted your application. Therefore, she can make sure to send off your mid-year transcript and any fee waivers.

Pinedo has done presentations for the class of 2021 and 2022 explaining what’s next on the agenda for seniors and juniors. These presentations will be repeated throughout February, in case you missed them. 

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