Welcoming the new Diabetic Ketoacidosis club


Ashley Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

The new club Diabetic Ketoacidosis Club also known as  DKA Club has officially started. Founded by PAM Junior, Kiya Ashley the club aims to be a safe space for both diabetics and non-diabetics to learn more about diabetes and support one another.

Kiya says she’s always thought about starting a club, she just didn’t know exactly what it should be. “One day I sat down and all I thought about was starting this club. I thought of all the ways it could benefit the diabetic community at our school and the knowledge it could give others.” Before we switched to online learning, Kiya recalls going to the nurse every day and seeing all the other diabetic kits. She was aware of there being other diabetics on campus, but only ever got to meet one.

Now, with the pandemic and inability of seeing each other, it’s hard for everyone to keep their heads straight, and so Kiya felt it was especially important to have a support group for diabetic students. Kiya also says she’s heard wildly incorrect assumptions and remarks from both students and teachers about her diabetes. Correcting those remarks and educating people is one of the things the club aims to do. “I just hope this club helps people, whether they’re learning something new or feeling safe in a community of their own.”

Along with educational discussions, the club aims to collaborate with others such as Debate and Vegan club to bring light on topics revolving around diabetes. Though it’s different learning online in the sense of not having face-to-face connections and it being harder to get more people involved, Kiya will continue to do everything in her power to keep this club open for those who are interested and make the time in their busy schedules. “I made sure the meetings were only every other week and during lunch so no one would have to stay after school. I know of some fun online games to play during some meetings because it does get draining when you feel like you’re in another class. This isn’t a class but it will teach you things you would learn in one.”

DKA club held their first meeting this past Friday and will continue to meet every other Friday at lunch, 12 pm. To learn more about the club, and when they hold meetings you can visit their Instagram page @hhsdka or reach out to the club’s president Kiya herself @kiyasakari. They’re open to any questions and welcome everyone. “This is not just a club for diabetics but also non-diabetics,” says Kiya. “Don’t be afraid to attend meetings! It’s just a bunch of people learning, talking, and playing games together!”

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