Paid internships coming your way


Julia Rouillard

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The Intern Project (TIP) is offering paid internships that will get you college credit. TIP connects high school students across Los Angeles with the opportunity to participate in a career education program and work in dynamic career areas.

TIP is an intensive summer program that lasts for four or more weeks. The program places students in paid virtual internships based on skills and career interests. In the past, TIP has worked with companies such as the Los Angeles Rams, Martin Bros, and Buro Happold.

“Internships are one of the best ways for students to learn new skills, make connections with professionals and apply their learning,” said Ali Nezu, PAM and NMA Magnet Coordinator. “Unlike a job at a local retail store, food service location, or market, companies and professionals who chose to participate in internships are entering the agreement with the intention of providing mentoring and guidance to the intern rather than simply gaining labor.”

The application process includes two parts, part one being a short essay and part two being a quick video. Afterwards, TIP will match recommendations based on interests and company’s job descriptions. There will be virtual training workshops such as email and phone etiquette, office culture, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, case studies discussions, and more.

“Many internships are unpaid but increasingly, cities and corporations are given incentives in the form of tax breaks or government funding to provide paid internships. Not all people can afford to dedicate summers or after school hours essentially working for free, even if there is great possible outcome,” said Nezu. “Paid internship positions are competitive but help ensure that opportunities to network and learn about a given industry or job is equally available to all young people.”

Applications are open now until Sunday, March 28.

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