Celebrating MLK online


Anthony Jasso

Chronicle Reporter

Jan.18 was a Martin Luther King Jr. Day like no other. It was the first time the holiday had taken place during a pandemic and encountered inevitable changes. One of the greatest changes was the cancellation of the Los Angeles MLK Parade.

The cancellation didn’t stop the celebration from going on,  it moved to online streaming services on the ABC7 Los Angeles App. Past parades were highlighted while local news channels interviewed many celebrities as well as many other bystanders. The name of this online commemoration is the 2021 Kingdom Day Celebration. In accordance with the downfalls of the year of 2020, the theme of the parade is “Healing America”. 

In comparison to the past parades, the online celebration hasn’t gathered much attention. Those who are aware are disappointed that they can’t celebrate the same way they have been able to in the past. Despite all the complications the celebration still continues to prevail. More now than ever do the words of Martin Luther King Jr. resonate with many of the issues going on through the modern world. As an act of perseverance the message and meaning of MLK Day still lives on. It is up to the people at home to keep honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and the movement he stood for.

For many the MLK Parade is a signature event in which many can gather to honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the movement he fought and stood for. The MLK Parade had often gathered extravagant floats, various church organizations, drill teams and marching bands of different high schools, colleges and other various associations. Hollywood High School’s very own marching band has participated in the parade in the past. Many gather to watch the parade with family, friends or even strangers. The parade stood as a representation of unification for all walks of life and brought them together for one cause. 

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