Seniors share their application experience


Christian Guevara

Chronicle Reporter

As COVID-19 spreads across the United States, high school seniors are still expected to submit their college applications. With the stress of the pandemic and not being in school, we asked seniors how they are handling their applications. 

Did working from home give you more time to prepare your essays/applications?

“Working from home definitely gave me a lot more free time to dedicate to my college applications. Since I don’t go out as much as I used to, and I don’t have to get up early for school anymore, I have a lot more time in the afternoon and at night to spend time on schoolwork and applications. The only thing I don’t like about it is not being able to get help from my counselors and friends in person while working on that type of stuff.” said Senior Class Secretary Angelica Whipple, SAS senior.  

Did COVID prevent you from getting in extracurriculars that you planned to get done your senior year? 

“COVID has prevented me from getting in extracurriculars, such as volleyball and track and field. At first I was upset about it but now I have come to terms with it.’’ said Ingrid Muniz, SAS senior. 

Do you feel you are able to ask for help even with the COVID limitations such as not being in school? 

“Yes I can but it’s not as helpful because I still have to do everything on my own with no physical guidance.” said Brenan Cole, PAM senior. 

Has COVID caused any difficulties in submitting, creating, and/or uploading your college applications?

“I feel as though COVID has limited my resources in order to apply for colleges, since there was no face to face contact with our college counselor. It also increased my confusion at the beginning of my application because I felt like information was given later in time and I had no knowledge about, early decision, action, etc.” said an anonymous, SAS senior. 

After speaking with these four seniors, they unveiled that COVID may be in their favor when it comes to college. Though some stated that they weren’t able to get in extracurriculars they intended to get done their senior year, others stated that working from home has benefited them in both decision-making and preparation for anything college related. COVID has taken a toll on the Class of 2021 but it has not stopped us from completing our applications. 

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