Saying goodbye to coach Kenny


Elizabeth Voloshin

Chronicle Reporter

With COVID, all sports and typical after school activities have been cancelled. However, sports haven’t left the minds of the school staff and there is exciting news! Cross-country will now be coached by TCA math teacher, Laura Christian.

What Happened to the Old Coach?

Many of you might be wondering what happened to the previous cross-country coach, Kenny Valencia. He had to leave Hollywood Highschool due to “exigent circumstances” that occurred during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

His Best and Worst Experiences as Coach

Coach Kenny stated that his best experience as a coach was watching all the athletes gradually get better. “Sometimes you don’t really know a student until you see them out on the field” he stated in an email interview. However, he also experienced some negatives as coach. According to him, his worst experience as coach was when the “girls’ team [lost] to Conteras in 2018”. That was the only dual meet that Hollywood lost during the last 6 seasons. 

Will He Ever Return?

Fear not fellow athletes for coach Kenny might be returning to Hollywood somewhere in the future. He stated in the interview that he would certainly like to return to Hollywood and plans to do so if everything works out. “If not, I at least want to help when I can”. 

Comments from the Athletes

Though not a lot of previous athletes wrote in their feelings about Kenny’s departure, few had a thing or two to say. 

Hollywood High senior Brandon Aguila said, “He’s done a fantastic job as he has accomplished making it to city’s for the past couple of years for both track and cross country ”. He also said that he is really upset by Kenny leaving since he was a great coach for the past several years.

Jeremy Staford, senior as well, said that he too is very upset that Kenny has left, however, if school were to reopen he would still do track, despite the fact that there will be a different coach.

I personally am also rather saddened that Kenny has left, however, I wish him the best, as I believe the other athletes do as well.

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