Looking towards getting back into school


Gabriela Salas

Chronicle Reporter

Although schools have closed down due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in California, we will still return to school and the Los Angeles Unified School District has laid out a plan for when we do return.

LAUSD wants to ensure students and staff return to school with all the safety guidelines needed due to the pandemic, to ensure our safety and well-being during these difficult times. It is most likely that teachers and students will have to wear a mask at all times while in school for this reason.

 “Safe, healthy together to reduce the spread,” states superintendent Austin Beutner of Los Angeles Unified School District. 

The plan is to have a testing program in the school communities, in which students and staff could schedule a day to test themselves and obtain their results. 

Beutner believes that students learn best being in school. 

“We are the first school district in the nation to do this. It is an awesome responsibility that we are taking to do this….There will be bumps in the road but we think the effort we are putting in this to make it right and the information we are able to share with the school community will help mitigate risk to the greatest extent,” said Beutner. 

Every student will get their temperature checked everyday at school. Students and staff will be provided with a free COVID test. When back at school, students and staff will enter a periodic random testing which will help oversee the progress of COVID in their school community. 

Test results will be provided within 24-36 hours via text and email. Results will be kept confidential at all times. 

Schools can play an important role in assisting public health officials in identifying teachers, staff, or students who have COVID-19 symptoms or who had recent close contact with someone who might have it.

¨State guidelines say schools cannot reopen at this time. My commitment to you remains the same as I made in March – we will not reopen schools until it’s safe and appropriate to do so,¨  said Beutner.

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