Letter to the next president


Carlos Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your presidential election. I am writing this letter in hopes that you take political asylum into account when you are in office.

Countless immigrants come to the United States to escape from an assured death, extortions, and threats by not only gang members, but also corrupt people who only know the path to causing terror in other’s lives. It is known that political asylum is not given to people whose reasons to cross the border are because of threats to their life, for example that of gang members. Many immigrants only come here to be safe because if they are given protection by the United States, they can start a new life. Having the power and the economy to provide these immigrants with the opportunity to restart would not just improve their lifestyle, but it would also create strong relationships with the leaders of the countries that they are coming from. 

I believe that this is one of the biggest problems in the Hispanic community and an important topic that you should take action to solve. If these people are deported to their home country, their only hope is to stay where it’s safe, at home, due to the fear of going out. You should take in consideration the lives of these people, as well as the fact that they cannot apply for political asylum due to their situation. Political asylum would offer immigrants a stay in the United States, while the situation in their country improves.

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