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Maryuri Ramirez Murillo

Chronicle Reporter

The Holidays are coming up sooner than expected, and, what better way to end the year than with a holiday project. Stephen Lange, the math teacher at Hollywood High School, has assigned his Precalculus class a holiday theme project using the website, Desmos. 

Desmos is an advanced graphing calculator put into effect as a web and mobile application. It was released in 2011 and is used in many math classes. The website is completely free and offers classroom activities to help students learn about the many math concepts, including graphing equations.

Since then, Hollywood High teachers, such as Annabelle Domingo and Stephen Lange, have implemented Desmos into their teaching routines.

“Desmos is a great new website, we want kids to be comfortable with it”, said Mr. Lange. 

To get students comfortable with this program, Lange assigns his Pre-Calculus class to be as innovative as possible and create a holiday art project using Desmos. 

The purpose of this assignment is to challenge students, and help them review past lessons. “It gives students the opportunity to grow,” said Lange, “For those who struggle, the project can help with learning, by doing”. 

Emily Hellstrom, a senior in Hollywood High School, was one of many students who were assigned the holiday project.

“I was super nervous at first, math is not my best subject, but the project was about taking it one step at a time,” said Emily Hellstrom, “I’m not a math person, but having a tool that is completely free is amazing.”

According to the Desmos website, they want students to use the tool in order to understand expressions in a visual way. Also, teachers want the application to be a powerful platform for instruction. 

Students having access to Desmos and having the practice to use it well, benefit in the long term because it gives them the practice to study graphs and to be creative with them. 

Desmos Link:

Below are some examples of the holiday art creating by two of our seniors.

Created By: SAS senior, Angelica Whipple 
Created by: SAS senior, Emily Hellstrom

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