People need to take this virus seriously


Angel Sanchez

Chronicle Reporter

COVID-19 has affected many, ranging from moderate to severe cases all around the world. There have been 4 million cases reported in the month of November, alone, and are escalating by the minute. Staying indoors to get past these difficult times and get rid of the pandemic is important. The holidays are around the corner and many people will leave the state to visit their relatives. Therefore it is probable that cases will continue to rise if people keep attending family gatherings, and not respecting social distancing.

Due to the fact that people aren’t following regulations, we can’t expect the pandemic to end any time soon. The virus is no joke because unfortunately, some don’t recover and it is heartbreaking to see thousands of people lose their lives. Even if the United States somehow gets everyone to stay inside. The economy will also crash and those of lower financial status will suffer the most. This means that we are all in harm, due to the pandemic, both with our economy and our health.

To sum everything up, people should take every measure possible to work towards getting rid of the virus. People nowadays don’t listen, and the only thing we can do to protect ourselves is to avoid crowded places and to stay home. Finally, it is important to look out for the Covid-19 symptoms in people and always use social distancing. 

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