Get your credits back on track

Danny Mejia

Chronicle Reporter

Students should be preparing for what comes next: grades. Those with good grades can relax, but if not, credit recovery is an option. 

Your credit recovery course will be on Edgenuity, a virtual learning course with video lessons and assignments at your disposal . It covers all the main academic courses ( math , English , history , & sciences )  and can be used on most devices, accessed via your LAUSD email. There are  Zoom calls for Edgenuity Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons.

You get the work at your own speed, and as long as you beat the deadline, you’re good.  If you do not finish your work, it will resume the next semester. As long as you finish it by graduation time, it will be accepted.

Another option is PASS, a packet of work submitted via email . PASS Zoom calls are in the mornings from 7:30 – 8:00 am, a replacement for morning classes.

If you are interested contact your SLC counselor or Cindy Dyer on Schoology or through email. If you are not sure what classes you need to recover, make sure to ask your counselors to make sure you get all your credits.

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