Dr. Jirn takes over the SAS Coordinator position

Jhevanise E. Aguilar- Horner

Chronicle Reporter

Dr. Jin Suh Jirn has been assigned as the SAS coordinator for the year 2020-2021 while maintaining his position as a member of the English Department. 

For the fall semester, Dr. Jirn and other members of the faculty will be recruiting eighth-grade students to join our Sheik family by conducting virtual presentations.

“I feel like Mr. Jirn will be successful because he is very understanding, friendly, and is able to communicate well with students. This makes him able to advertise and recruit incoming freshmen for our school,” said  Amy Cabrera- Mejia, SAS senior. 

His dedication to the SAS program has motivated Dr. Jirn and Christina Dempsey, a member of the Science Department at Hollywood High, to “solidify SAS’s identity as an SLC, giving meaning to the program.” This has also led to the creation of a SAS podcast and Instagram account.

The podcast is a new promotional tool that will be used to brand the SAS SLC identity and attract others to the program. This podcast will include interviews with students and staff members expressing their opinion about the SAS SLC and education program. The podcast will be available on the Schoology website, the Hollywood Website, and Instagram account.

“I want to use social media tools to spread the word about our program to increase the attention our school gets,” said Dr. Jirn. 

There have been many changes to the SAS faculty due to the lack of freshman applicants to the SAS program. This has led to teacher displacements and administration positions to shift. Dr. Jirn is determined to increase the freshman applicants for the upcoming year with the advantage his new title has bestowed upon him.

The SAS coordinator job description is to lead SLC meetings, work on recruiting, attend workshops, answer emails, and view applications among other requirements. 

“I believe that Mr. Jirn is a great person for the position. He is a very organized person that has experience of dealing with parents, paperwork, and has insight on what Hollywood High School actually is,” said Leslie Rodriguez, SAS senior.

Instagram account: hollywoodhighsas



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