Preparing for Open House

Sidney Gonzalez

News Editor

Today at 5-7 p.m., teachers will be available for the first open house of the school year.

Open house is a time where parents are able to talk and get to know teachers and familiarize themselves with what their children are doing in each class. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a time where teachers discuss grades with parents.

Due to the risk of COVID-19, this open house will be held entirely online. Teachers will either use a pre-existing Zoom link or have sent out an update with their new link to a Zoom call specifically for the event. 

Although it is not a requirement to attend, if your parents are able to and want to meet your teachers, this is the best time to do so. If a parent would like to meet with a teacher and is either unable to at this time, or would like to discuss grades, they can go to the Hollywood High website and send the teacher an email.

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