Lets thank Ms. Cervantes

Melisa Lovos

Features Editor

From the first day of school, and ongoing, the PSA Counselor, Sandra Cervantes, has been posting motivational quotes, words of praise to the students, and helpful reminders that can inspire us to continue working hard in these difficult circumstances. Although Ms. Cervantes takes a lot of her time to find ways to keep us inspired, we have not done the same for her.

“The secret law of abundance is this: In order to receive and appreciate the good things in life, you must first give.” said Norman Vincent Peale, an American minister and author best known for his positive thinking. This can be inspirational as the only way of getting through these times of Covid-19 will be by working together, appreciating each other’s work, and keeping each other hyped up. 

I thought it was important to appreciate the work Ms. Cervantes does for us each and every school day, early in the mornings and later throughout the afternoons on schoology. It is important that we let her know that she is heard and that her words help us get through each day- with classes and assignments, and even our personal home lives. 

“Everyday I wake up to see her first post with a quote, and something encouraging like when she says we got through another successful week or an update. I think it is really nice of her to take time to do this, and we should thank her.” Says Angel Sanchez, TCA Senior. 

Let’s all take the time to thank Ms. Cervantes for her meaningful posts every day because sometimes all we need is for someone to encourage us to keep going strong.

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