Fall Dual Enrollment classes are here

Melisa Lovos

Features Editor

Dual Enrollment College online courses with LACC this semester will begin Monday, Sept. 14, and will end Dec. 20, 2020, with originally three scheduled classes: Introduction to Business, Principles of Healthful living, and Introduction to Sociology. Due to a lack of enrolled students in Intro to Sociology, the course was cancelled, leading the students who did enroll to the option of joining- after the enrollment deadline- one of the other two classes. 

“I was disappointed because [Sociology] seemed really interesting. But I’m excited I was at least able to take Business.” says SAS Senior, Julian Valencia.

Dual enrollment refers to courses that students enroll to, separately from their academic program/ educational institution. Hollywood High offers the opportunity to take college courses, for students, from LACC, as part of Dual Enrollment. This year classes will take place online- through the Zoom app. 

In order to access your programmed college class, and for more information, it is a requirement to create a Canvas account, through LACC.

There are no scheduled meetings with the instructor so far for Asynchronous, Health 11, but Synchronous, Business 1 classes will take place Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-5:20 P.M. If you enrolled to a course and wish to unenroll, you must email Ms. Pinedo- the high school counselor, and your LACC professor- prior to Sept. 27 in order to avoid receiving a W on your college transcript. 

Below are links to access the Student Portal and LACC Home Page for more information.

Student Portal (LACC): https://sso.laccd.edu/adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon.aspx?loginToRp=csprd.laccd.edu

LACC Home Page: https://www.lacitycollege.edu

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