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It is the start of the school year and many people still have mixed emotions with online school. Starting a whole new semester could be difficult for students especially new students. For the spring semester of the previous school year it was somewhat easier with knowing the teachers and them already knowing your work habits. For this semester it is completely different with meeting new teachers and getting used to a whole new criteria for another grade level. For last semester everyone had the gist of their classes knowing and interacting with everyone. “Online school for this fall semester is good and bad. I’m kind of overwhelmed with school and am still having to be cautious about the virus. At times doing school online at home can be very distracting and less motivating but it’s somewhat pretty smooth and the teachers are doing their best to work with students online and are pretty lenient.”, says SAS junior Karen Franco about her experience with online school.

Now with online school classes are slightly awkward and there’s less participation. Some students are scared to speak up or even turn on their cameras or some can’t. Some students may experience difficulties with their Wi-Fi or may not even have it. There’s so many factors at home that can make online learning difficult for many people. Home isn’t the right environment for some students with distractions, siblings, and other family members.

Miguel Herrera, SAS junior, agrees while saying, “I feel very unmotivated for the fall semester and am have trouble doing homework because it’s hard to concentrate with work while always being inside with a lot of things to do.”

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  1. I strongly agree with this article it has been very difficult for many having to deal with these complications at home and online school isn’t the same instead it’s awkward but we should continue to do our best and reach out if we need help. Excellent work !!!!

  2. This is a good insight on what students have to go through with this unconventional schooling. Institutions can’t really understand what students are going through. Your quotes and own experience as a student lends perspective to, let’s say, teachers and school administrators.
    Maybe more feedback from students to LAUSD could help the next semester go more smoothly.

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