Meet the new editors

Melisa Lovos

Features Editor

A new school year is just around the corner. Although virtually and after the drastic change of events we have lived through for the past couple of months, the end of ‘summer vacation’ has come to an end and we must prepare to go back to a sort of school routine- engaging in remote classes. 

Despite having no physical newspaper for Hollywood High these next few months- until we return to campus- the newspaper staff will continue working online. We will publish all of our work and everything you need to know, weekly on the school’s website, ‘The Crimson Chronicle’.  

The Crimson Chronicle greets the new editors for the newspaper this school year of 2020 -21.

We are preparing mentally and working to create a captivating website to catch the attention of new audiences and continue to entertain with updates on school events and important information, as well as what is happening around us, around LA, and around the world. 

Visit the school’s soon-to-be-updated website weekly to keep yourself on track!

Below are the new editors and their titles.

Julia Rouillard- Website Editor
Guadalupe Dominguez- Sports Editor
Maria Hernandez- Opinion Editor

Cristal Rincon- Entertainment Editor
Melisa Lovos- Features Editor
Sidney Gonzales- News Editor
Karen Cusolito- Journalism Teacher

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