Many online jobs are available for teens

Melisa Lovos

Chronicle Reporter

As we are all staying at home during this pandemic, for our own safety and that of the people around us, we are becoming more and more tired and disappointed with not having much to look forward to for the summer, for the week, or even for the next day. 

Summer break is coming in a couple of weeks, meaning we will be free of online classes, free of all the homework assigned to us by all of our teachers, and free of tests. Just as AP Exams are coming to an end, and final projects and exams are also a few weeks from being due, we will all have a bit more time on our hands to do more than homework all day. 

There are many opportunities for adolescents, for those graduating high school and even those who still have a year or two left. For example, working from home, now that we are stuck at home, is a great way to earn and save some money, for whatever may happen in the future. Whether you want to help out your parents with the family costs or wish to use the money you earn by saving up for the future- college, or even moving out of your parent’s house, working from home is a great way to do something productive in your free time. 

We all had to cancel plans, we lost opportunities, we had to find new ways to spend our time and continue working on school, our futures, our health, and our relationships. But it is important to continue thinking about the future, and a great way to do this is by saving up for the more opportunities that can come your way. 

Some jobs available that can be easily found online are, writing articles online, completing online surveys, becoming a call reviewer, becoming an English tutor, working as a Customer Service Representative, creating and selling your own designs online, proofreading other people’s work, becoming a brand ambassador, and if you have a drivers license- becoming a food delivery driver. The best way to start is by creating a personalized resume to show the employers more about you.

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