This pandemic is affecting us all around the world

Melisa Lovos

Chronicle Reporter

People all around the world are suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only due to the virus itself and the fact that it is causing so many deaths all around the world, but due to the economic situation in the households. This has not only become a struggle for people in third world countries, but everywhere. 

Many people, especially those in middle or lower class financially , don’t have the access to necessary sources to continue with virtual classes as expected of them, as many others would. Many don’t have internet access, computers, the space or the time at home to attend every class. At home, many of us are expected to help out with the chores, our siblings, and other activities that take much of our time, making it difficult for us to do the extended amount of work- apart from the classes- daily. 

If we are going through a lot, having better conditions than other countries around the world, it is clear that third world countries will have a harder living situation with school, and financial support. Everyday in the news, we see for example people from Latin America putting their best efforts to keep their families from starving, from losing the education opportunities they have worked so hard for, and even from losing their jobs. If it is difficult for us, it is also important to think about those who have lost their homes and are now living in the streets, or have one meal so the whole family gets at least something to eat. 

In my opinion, although we have a right to complain and be frustrated with our conditions- as they are more complicated as each day passes, it is important to keep in mind that there are always others who have it worse than us. We have help being offered to us and it is important that we take advantage of this, as not everyone has these opportunities. 

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