Adjusting to the new semester

Julia Rouillard

Chronicle Reporter

Under the circumstances of COVID-19 the rest of the school year will be held through online classes and some students find this quite difficult. Since starting online classes some students are falling behind and are having a hard time focusing.

Being at home can either be a positive or a negative for some students, some enjoy being able to do work at home but others don’t see the point or have motivation. Usually for most students being at home is their place to relax and being at school is to learn so with this the don’t feel like doing their work or they get distracted to easily while trying to do work.

“I feel like online classes aren’t really doing much because not everyone is in them and it’s just a little weird to me to even be in one. I’m not really doing the work because to be honest the teachers really give a lot of work and just doesn’t make sense to me, like why are they giving work if there is a whole pandemic going on.” says sophomore, Yahir Martinez.

While other students think this is beneficial like sophomore Marvin Centeno, “The online classes are the best thing we can do in this unfortunate situation. It’s important that we stay mentally active so we don’t fall too far behind. I am dealing with the work as it goes because I honestly have nothing better to do. It’s a good way to pass time.”

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