Saying goodbye to the track

Guadalupe Dominguez

Chronicle Reporter

COVID-19 has brought discouraging news to Hollywood. On the night of Mar. 12 assistant principal Pacino Furioso announced the cancellation of all athletic games and practices. This news left Hollywood’s track team heartbroken. 

It had only been a week since they hosted Belmont, Miguel Contreras, Roybal, RFK, Mendez, and Downtown Magnet High school for the last preseason meet.After having won the Central League Championship in 2019 Hollywood track and field team chances of winning again were looking good for this year’s team. But they were met with the news that they no longer would have the chance to defend that title because LAUSD had decided to cancel all meets in order to prevent COVID-19 from spreading throughout the different participating campuses.

Track and field members graduating this year were left disheartened and shocked. “It does suck and it’s pretty unfortunate because we have been working really hard”, said Andrea Henao, SAS senior.

The team had already been practicing for about a month and a half. This included long hours of running, practicing hurdles, and much more. Rusty Alquiza, SAS senior, stated “Because it’s our senior season I’m really disappointed. I mean coping with it, has not been easy because I was really excited for this season.”

The rest of the team who will be participating next year is hoping to win next year for the seniors who were denied the chance to play their last season.

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