Restrooms become open

Sidney Gonzalez

News Editor

Students have grown concerned over the restroom situation in the possibility of them being closed permanently.

Dr. Mary Reid and the administration team, consisting of the assistant principals, magnet coordinators, the dean, and the school officer decided to close restrooms during class time. Dr. Reid says this was in order to promote restrooms being used correctly and discourage students from setting fires, smoking, vaping, and ditching class. The only restrooms that were supposed to be open during this time were the 400s and the TCA building. In addition, teachers documented a student leaving the classroom and coming back on a sign out sheet.

The timing of this decision was in alignment with the fires, trash cans being set on fire in the restrooms, arts and P.E. buildings, and the sign out sheets were meant to help determine who set the fires to begin with. Fires of the sort are toxic to breathing and can harm anyone nearby that inhale the fumes. 

“I don’t want to discourage people from being here,” Dr. Reid said.

Misinformation over the restrooms being closed also spread, as initially among students it was said that the restrooms were to be closed during nutrition and lunch. Some restrooms were found to be closed not due to the plan to keep students in classrooms, but due to plumbing issues.

“I have to walk across campus to go use the restroom,” Melany Ramirez, TCA senior said,” and it makes me late when I go during passing period because there’s such a big line.”

Dr. Mary Reid says that she plans to keep the restrooms open meanwhile students remain responsible and no further incidents occur.

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