Making it to 1600

Guadalupe Dominguez

Chronicle Reporter

Recently the class of 2021 took the SAT and for many it was their first time. The room was filled with nervous teens who knew they would probably have to take the test once again. Every junior dreads the day they have to take the SAT. The test that for most decides their future school. Ideally each student wants to receive a 1600 on their exam.

Standardized testing doesn’t show the true ability of a student. It shows how much a student can remember in the weeks before. The SAT as we know it doesn’t even test us on what we have been learning, it focuses on the previous semester of math. While the english portion is basically a race, whoever finishes the reading section and answers the quickest wins.

Behind the 1600 are hours of studying both math and English. Cramming the formulas, key words, etc just means the student never really learned anything. They spend their entire junior year cramming instead of actually learning the material they will be tested on. The topics they are being tested on are usually topics from a semester before meaning we have all forgotten it and have to put our current learning on hold to be able to remember what occurred last semester. 

From AP classes to extracurriculars it is likely for a student to take the SAT multiple times and end up disappointed thinking they are not capable of applying and making it through college. The SAT shouldn’t be pushed onto students who are already knee deep in work.

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