LAUSD is giving out free meals

Melisa Lovos

Crimson Chronicle

After schools in Los Angeles and Orange County were closed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many families who depend on schools for meals and child care became negatively affected, with the lack of these essential services. 

“Our schools provide a social safety net for children.” said Superintendent of the Los Angeles School District, Austin Beautner at a Friday press conference. 

The only solution they could find, that would both help the families in need and follow the health regulations includes providing students ages 18 and younger with meals, in schools all around the district. They also planned on providing child care resources, however they could not guarantee a safe and appropriate environment for everyone during this pandemic, causing such to be reconsidered. 

“Most people go to get meals for their kids, mostly in elementary and middle school. I have heard some complaints from families because they don’t think enough food is given to them, in order to have a healthy and reasonable diet. But I think it’s good that people are trying to help out those most in need, and the way they are doing it is causing a positive effect.” Said TCA Senior, Kevin Hernandez. 

The district’s Grab- And- Go Meal provides 60 locations and are open every weekday. They began distributing food this past March 23 from 7 a.m to 11 a.m, with two meals per kid. Regulations may differ from school to school, and information will be provided to families from their local schools. 

Locations providing food include:

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