Hollywood high’s pool has again become its crown jewel

Melisa Lovos

Chronicle Reporter

After about two years of refurbishing, piping, tiling, and reconstruction, the pool was cleared-and opened on March 6 of this year. The main policy so far is that students cannot use the pool unless a lifeguard, who comes on a regular basis, and a coach are present and supervising the students in the pool. The goal is to have the lifeguard come during P.E classes, in the future, so that P.E students have the opportunity of using the pool during class as well.

“The pool is seen as the crown jewel of Hollywood High School, it’s one of the best parts of our athletic program, that we have a world class pool like that. Not having it for two years affected us because we had to send our swim team to practice at Bernstein High School.” Said Assistant Principal, Pacino Furioso.  

Due to not having a pool on campus, the swim team dealt with the struggle of having to practice in other schools, including Bernstein High School, and not allowing the P.E classes the access that students in previous years had, to the pool.  

“Our major setback was not being able to practice inside the pool. Doing exercise on land can only get us so far. We have to be in the pool so that people who has little experience can hone their skills and master the real techniques they are going to need at competitions.” Said SAS Junior and captain of the swim team, Raquel Kaufman.  

Dr. Reid has the vision to open up the pool for the community on certain days, and share it with other LAUSD schools. This not only to return the favor that was given to Hollywood High, when allowed access to the pool in other schools, but to provide accessibility for those around the neighborhood to the newly reconstructed pool. 

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