Getting the hang of Zoom

Sidney Gonzalez

News Editor

As many students know, in place of classes, teachers are holding classes through Zoom.

Zoom is a platform for video conferencing, and can be used through the application or accessed online when teachers send messages with a link to the conference. You can use any device to use Zoom, computers and phones alike. Teachers can hold lectures, show PowerPoint presentations, and interact with all students in the class. Students can pitch in by using audio and responding, or when muted by teachers can comment in the Public Chat. 

So far, I’ve used Zoom in my English, Spanish, and Journalism classes and I have a generally positive opinion of the platform. I generally dislike video conferences on a personal level because I dislike the thought of seeing my own face, but Zoom has been pretty good on an academic level. Although the camera does have some lag, the voices of teachers are generally clear, and they’re able to communicate concepts and lessons as easily as in class thus far. I’ve also found that student involvement in discussions is possible and also flows well once we are able to start talking. Although it is not the same as a traditional class or classroom, I feel that Zoom is a good working platform to temporarily hold classes and I will hopefully continue to adjust to it as the days pass despite the situation being slightly uncomfortable.

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