Animal Crossing New Horizons is available to play

Bani Rice

Chronicle Reporter

Animal Crossing new horizons are coming to stores near you on March 20, 2020. This new Animal Crossing game will be only available on Nintendo Switch and the price will go on for $60. For those who don’t know what Animal Crossing is, it can be described as a life simulator where the main goal is to just have fun. In this game, you can do various things such as invite friends over, build and decorate your house, and contribute to the economy of the village by providing paintings, fish, and fossils to the local museum.

This Animal Crossing is not a carbon copy of the other games from the franchise, it offers many new gameplay mechanics we have yet to see from Animal Crossing such as crafting your own tools from materials you gather from the island, digging up trees to replant them in a fitting spot, and lastly, seasons act more realistic. Victoria Salon a TCA senior said, “This game franchise has been a part of my life since childhood, and can’t wait to experience this new game first hand.” Make sure to pick this game up so you won’t miss out! 

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