After prom funtivites

Bertha Escobar Chronicle Reporter

With prom being postponed from April 3 to May 15, there is still a lot of time to plan on what to after prom later that night or the day after? And here we got you covered with the five top safest and funnest choices to choose from.

After prom, you will eventually get hungry at some point, so what better to go out and eat with all your friends. Many restaurants are open late near that area. Few restuarants are The Dragon and Meeple, Ihop, Wingstop, Mcdonald’s and many more. Second, if you want to continue the fun, attend an after party to make the best out of your senior night. Third, most students rather have sleepovers or a ‘friends night in’ to catch up with all the juicy gossip that happened at prom. Some fun activites to do inside are play games, eat snacks while watching a movie or play video games. Fourth, if you’re in for an adventure, gather your friends and head out to the beach, for a bonfire weekend. You could bring all types of snacks and listen to music. Fifth, a relaxing brunch is always necessary and its a nice way to start you spring break fun with your friends or family.  Always remember to clean after yourself, stay safe and have fun at prom. 

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