Helping the environment one act at a time

Henry Alquiza

Chronicle Reporter

Fifty plants were donated to the Environmental Club; they hosted a gardening event, consisting of an opportunity for all students to receive volunteer credits for high school.

The plants were donated from TreePeople, who are a nonprofit organization who aim to inspire, engage and support those who want to take responsibility for their urban environment. The TreePeople corporation aims to unite with communities to grow a greener, shadier,and more water-secure city at homes, neighborhoods,schools and in the local mountains.

“We are glad our adviser reached out to the TreePeople and they definitely help us as being one of the smaller clubs in school.” said Angela Park, Vice Club President.

By giving these plants, the organization hopes to spread awareness of what is going on in the urban environment. With the involvement of students they hope they can be the future environmentalists and slowly restore Los Angeles.

The plants donated consisted of ten California sage brushes, ten California buckwheat, five purple needle grass, a purple sage, ten black walnuts, and five Catalina cherries.

Additionally Angela said, “It is something new and we have been trying to make projects with fellow students and collaborate.” The environmental club has always welcomed the help of students. “It took a lot of hands to get the work done but it was fun.”

They also intend to finish planting the rest of the plants they advise anyone interested in helping the schools urban environment contact them on through social media or meet with one of the club’s presidents.

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