USC gives free tuition

Julia Rouillard

Chronicle Reporter

USC will begin giving free tuition to students whose family income is below $80,000 starting in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Carol Folt, president of USC, announced this Feb. 20.

“Our priority was to find a way to increase support for families all across the country who are faced with the high costs of paying for a college education,” said Folt about why this is being taken into place. She also believes that doing this will make their school have more diverse and talented undergraduates for upcoming school years.

“Its a good thing to do and gives them good publicity, all pros no cons. If I were to go to USC it would save me lots of money and I would be able to spend money on other things such as an apartment or staying in dorms, this would move up to my top choice for schools because of the free tuition.”, said sophomore Tiyrah Miller.

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