Presenting their dream homes

Guadalupe Dominguez

Chronicle Reporter

Jane Shen´s mandarin class welcomed the semester with the production of their Dream House.  After weeks of hard work the classes presented their houses yesterday Feb. 5. But there was a catch when presenting the students were asked to give others a ¨house tour¨ in Mandarin.  

The Mandarin students were given a rubric with the rooms they must include in their home. Even though it may have seemed simple but Kaleb Valdez thought differently, ¨I like the details of the house but adding the tiny details took a long time¨. To the students it seemed like an eternity to make their house picture perfect.

The main goal set by Ms.Shen was to have the students learn the vocabulary and sentence structure¨ of Mandarin and ¨connect their interest and their learning¨.  The houses, according to those who went to see the physical projects, turned out great. Both the physical houses and houses made on Minecraft had details many were pleased to see.

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