Hollywood Sheiks welcome the CIF Cheer Championships

Posted on February 20, 2020 by in Sports

Hollywood Sheiks welcome the CIF Cheer Championships

Guadalupe Dominguez

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High will be welcoming the CIF Cheer Championships on Feb. 21. The cheer team will be presenting the next winner of the annual CIF Divisional Cheer Competition.

After a year of anticipation, our cheer team will be welcoming nine cheer teams from across the Los Angeles City Section. These include Arroyo, Belmont, and SotoMayor High Schools. Hollywood High will be opening its gym doors since they are the current holders of the  CIF Divisional Cheer Competition award. 

Unfortunately, the cheer team will not be among the cheer teams competing because of the unforeseen loss of their cheer coach. But assistant principal Pacino Furioso has hope for next year saying, “We do have a cheer coach coming to meet the team on Friday. Hopefully, they are going to be able to regroup with the new coach and in the future be able to compete again.”

If you are looking forward to being present at the ceremony tickets are going for sale with ID for only $10. It will be taking place in the big gym on Feb. 21 from 6 pm to 8 pm. The cheer team hopes to see you there.

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