Grant us accessibility for disability

Melisa Lovos

Chronicle Reporter

Every now and then, students get physical injuries that affect their daily routine. As so, I recently had an accident in which I injured my left ankle-for which the doctors chose to put a cast covering the area. 

I returned to school the next day with my cast, my crutches and my doctor’s note authorizing the school to allow me to use the elevator. I walked into the attendance office expecting them to give me the key and go about my day with elevator access to get to my classes. However, this was not the case, as I was told I had to get my parent’s signature before being granted an elevator key. Throughout the day, I struggled a lot to get to my classes, from the SAS building to the TCA building, and back. I was late to most of my classes, and although I was excused, it was still a hassle. 

The next day that I returned with my parent’s signature, I was granted the key. It made me happy that I wouldn’t have to struggle as much to get to my classes, but I found that the key didn’t work in the TCA elevator. 

I believe that this is a violation to the ADA Compliance and our student rights as we should have accessibility for people with disabilities- such as elevators and ramps. 

If you are seen struggling or request access to an elevator key, such access should be granted immediately in order to be able to go on with your school day. Especially if it is a noticeable injury, such as a cast and crutches. 

It is understandable that keys are necessary in order to keep a secure and healthy school environment, but clearly needs should be met.

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