Grammy Awards a flop or not

Henry Alquiza

Chronicle Reporter

As many know  Jan. 26 held many events from the tragedy in the morning to the Grammys.  Many throughout the day were discouraged with the news in the morning but the awards went on. With honoring two people who had passed Nipsey Hussle and the loss of Kobe Bryant the show started.

The award show was hosted by 15-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys at the Staples Center here in Los Angeles. To keep it to the audience’s best interest the performers ranged from Aerosmith to Tyler the Creator, for a of 41 performers.  Additionally there were also 16 presenters for the Awards.

There were several awards given out in their own designated genres. However, the most notable awards were given to Billie Eilish. Consisting of “Record of the Year”,”Album of the Year”,”Song of the Year”,”Best new Artist”, and “Best pop album of the Year.”

Furthermore, senior Johnny Gutierrez stated “I feel like Tyler the Creator’s Grammy was well deserved, and was humble considering it was his first one.”

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