She Kills Monsters is coming to a Theatre near you

Hellen Amaya

Chronicle Reporter

The 2019 fall play is coming to Hollywood High School this week and the cast are extremely excited to perform in front of there fellow classmates. The performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will start at 7PM and on Sunday it will begin at 2PM. The cast members are selling pre-sale tickets for 3 dollars starting Nov. 12 and will end on Nov. 13. The play will go over women empowerment and there will be an enormous amount of stage fighting.

“I’ve been getting along with everyone and I like that I get to learn more about theatre. Although I am sad because I wish I did more plays in the school I like that the play will cover women empowerment,” said 12th grader PAM student, Davion Corley

“I feel very fortunate with this cast because this cast worked very hard and they have learned a tremendous amount of fight choreography in addition to handling some pretty serious demands for memorization. The cast works very well together and they are an extreme positive group to work with,” said Mr. Tourtellotte, the theatre teacher.

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