Surf Curse at Amoeba Music

Julia Rouillard
Chronicle Reporter

  Surf Curse will be making an in store appearance on October 22 at 5 p.m, performing and doing a signing, at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. The show is free and for all ages, to attend the signing you must purchase their latest album Heaven Surrounds You at Amoeba on October 22. 

Surf Curse is an indie surf rock band with Los Angeles based song writers, Nick Rattington and Jacob Rubeck, that formed in 2013. Their debut album was Buds that came out June 21, 2013 and later that year they released their first EP Sad Boys on October 30, 2013.

As six years have gone by their popularity and fan base have increased with their most popular song, Freaks, with 9,332,233 streams on Spotify. Recently they have just released a new album Heaven Surrounds You on September 13, which was inspired by multiple cult films they’ve loved throughout their young adulthood. They are finishing up their tour for this album with a sold out show on October 18 at the Fonda Theater. 

     Their music has people feeling an amazing way. “I really like their music, it makes me just want to get up and dance and sing my lungs out while I bang my head so my hair goes everywhere.”, says sophomore Luis Bautista who discovered their music through a discover weekly playlist on Spotify. People may also have a different feel to the music such as sophomore Matthew Arriaga who says, “ It really hypes me up in a way and keeps me motivated, like Rivers Edge just gives me a chill vibe I would like to have when I’m with friends.”

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