Key Club takes a walk

Henry Alquiza

Chronicle Reporter

Our Hollywood Key Club went to the 35th Annual Aids walk to help with the awareness of the disease known as aids, grouped with region 7 Key Clubs, we took the march by a small proportion.

When we arrived at t he location we were greeted by a stage that had people who are representatives of the aid walk as well as the sponsors. We were then given a brief history the annual event originated and started in the city of Los Angeles. And was started by one man who wanted to make a stand and have awareness of a disease that can affect us all.

When we stated the walk we we encourage by the staff and told us we were walking for a good cause and we are doing the right thing. It was a 3 mile walk around downtown Los Angeles which was greeted by several checkpoints giving all the walkers snacks and drinks to keep their walk going. By the end we were greeted by the volunteers with sprays of water at our face.

I would recommend to take time to spread awareness about any disease that should be known by all humans. Where a 3 mile walk can show more than words can ever do.

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