Senior Reminder: turn in textbooks

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

As graduation is approaching, seniors main priority is to walk the stage. A big requirement is making sure you do not have any fines or late fees.

It is important for seniors to make sure they do not owe anything by Tuesday, June 4, as rehearsal for graduation begins.

Students who play sports have to make sure they have turned in their uniforms in. Also, a senior can not have textbooks owed or fines are due in order to replace the book that is missing. Those textbooks can range from $15 to up to $200 if not turned in. Many online websites offer good quality replacements at a reasonable price. Lunch fines not paid can also ruin your plan of attending graduation.

“I tell students to make sure they have spoken to each office for their fines before rehearsal to be cleared,” said Ms. Elizabeth Payne.

Students who do not take responsibility and make up their fines will be taken out during rehearsals.

Graduation will be held at the Hollywood Bowl on June 6 at 5pm.

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