Furry Friends

Albert (Top left), Oreo(Top right), Bella(Bottom left), Leno (Bottom right) , & Pablo (Middle)

Rafael Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

Since I was little I’ve always wanted a dog. My parents always turned down my request because we aren’t able to care for a dog and our apartment isn’t big enough. When I was nine my parents bought me a bird. I found that I was pretty good with birds, they easily trusted me and found that caring for one was very easy. Throughout the years I got different kinds of birds like Doves, Lovebirds, Finches, Budgerigars, and Cockatiels. After a while we either let them go or we give them away to family members we know will take care of them.

Recently I’ve been taking care of two cockatiels that lift my spirits when i come home after school. I’ve had one since freshman year and took in another my junior year. Cockatiels are friendly birds if treated well. Usually when I get home I let them out of their cage to wonder around the apartment. They have gotten use to their surroundings which makes it easier for me to take care of them. Occasionally they eat with us at the dinner table and have their own plate. They like to eat scrambled eggs and rice. I usually have them in my room after school, they like being on my shoulder or on top of my laptop.

I went around school and asked students if they have any pets at home and if so what do they mean to them?

TCA Junior Joseph Guerrero said, “I have two dogs named Leno and coco, these pets mean so much since most of my pets ran away or have died. So these are the first pets I’ve had in a while so I cherish them and try to hold on to them as much as possible. My pets mean the world to me!”

TCA Senior Jonathan Hernandez said, “Yes, I have a dog. Her name is Maggie. She means a lot to me because I can rely and depend on her to make me happy on my down days.”

NMA Senior James Mezovari said, “I do, one of them is named Pablo while the other is Bella. They’re okay. Bella is annoying and Pablos is too but I still love them.”

PAM Senior Daisy Pinto said,”I have two cats and their names are Oreo & Albert. I’ve only had them for a couple of months but they mean the world to me I love both equally.”

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