Amoeba leaving Sunset Boulevard

Chronicle Reporter

Elvira Roman

Hollywood is a melting pot, it is very different and filled with people of all ages and races. But one thing that is known to bring people together is music. Amoeba is that place for Los Angeles. People from all around Los Angeles go to Hollywood just to get their favorite record or to buy items.

It was reported by Urbanize Los Angeles, that Amoeba would be redeveloped with an apartment tower featuring 200 residential units.The 265 feet building has met most requirements but as of now the project is halted. The only requirements not met is the affordable housing stated by the Hollywood Redevelopment Plan. But once that is approved it is unknown when the city will demolish Amoeba and start the new project. Amoeba has made it known that they do not plan on leaving completely but simply relocating. However, nothing is set yet officially.

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