Metro’s “big” change

Rafael Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

Before 2018 ended the LA Metro Board of Directors approved on Dec. 6 to give trains letter names over keeping the color system. I think that this approved plan will not be a huge change at all and that train riders will still call them by their current names. This approved plan won’t be implemented till 2028 when the Olympics is set to happen in LA.

I went around school and asked a student and a teacher who ride the train on a daily basis how they felt about the change and if they prefer the current system or the new one.

NMA Senior James Mezovari said, “I don’t like that change. Everything right now is simple and easy to understand. By changing the system most people will get confused, I prefer the color system.”

TCA Senior Natalia Torres said, “I think it’s pointless because everybody knows it as it is right now. So why change it? Just to confuse people? I prefer the color system because the new system is pointless.”

Color system over to letter system names (Draft):

Blue line -> A train

Red line -> B train

Green line -> C train

Purple line -> D train

Gold line -> E train

New rail lines going to be added:

K train ( LAX to Torrance )

Q train ( Sylmar to West LA )

S train ( Downtown LA to Artesia )

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